Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New options to make house ownership easier

We have analyzed and looked at hundreds of applications for houses from people that desperately need to have a house. There is one thing in common with the applications and that is people have been paying very high rent and many have had to use their savings to survive. The result is that people are struggling even if they have good salary. We have developed a plan to help solve this problem and our plan is based on a new thinking and backing from us and a creation of a close relationship – partnership with our house buyers. All applications will now be approved if the individual works and has the ability to have payments made via payroll deduction through his or her employer. There will be no down payment on our houses. This will be a zero down program and it is designed so that everyone can own a home. We do not want people to overstretch themselves; therefore the payments for the house should not exceed 40% of the house buyers income. We do not want the house to become a burden; the house should be a place for the family to interact, children to learn, and for the house buyer to have the ability to keep his hard-earned savings intact. This is what this program is about offering houses to people in such a way that it doesn't break the bank, nor that it causes tension or pressures in one's life as that affects the family which is the foundation of society. To own a house in this program is very simple and the following is what needs to happen: You write is an email to and you write in the subject line "zero down house basis" You must state in the email what your salary is and the name of your employer and confirm that the employer can do a "payroll deduction" for you. Once we have this information, we will be able to calculate what house you qualify for, and once we have calculated what house you qualify for, we will write back to you with confirmation. We will also include in our response an estimated time of delivery of the house. We have set this up in such a way that the buying process is very simple and straightforward. We are taking a huge commercial risk in doing this, but we believe that this is only way to help people of Papua New Guinea own a house without basically being in a financial jail for the rest of their lives. The banks are demanding 30% plus down payment, and many people do not have that down payment. In many cases this is because people have had to use their savings to pay extremely high rent, and I assure you that the house payments made to us will be much less than any rent payment in Papua New Guinea. Due to the complexities of this transaction we can only offer this financing for a short period of time. Please note that this program is based on "first come, first served" Everyone that has received an offer from us, may ask to be enrolled into this program. This program is based on mutual respect and trust. You must understand that we are taking risks but that is acceptable as long as we know that people entering into a contract with us with full integrity and commitment. Please note that our financing facilities are time sensitive therefore it is very important that we hear from those of you that want to use this method of financing as soon as possible. We look forward to your email as possible so you don’t miss out. Remember, there's nothing wrong with being low in cash in this outrageous rental market, therefore keep your heads high, be proud, and work with us as we are with you. If you have any questions please write to us at NOTE: All funds are handled by our Certified Accountants.


International Housing Concepts is introducing these houses soon to Papua New Guinea. Find below are the designs of the first houses to be on the market soon, cost includes shipping to Port Moresby only but for other provinces IHC will have to confirm extra for shipping, also electricity fittings and plumbing included with furniture etc. It will take one month for design, two months for shipping and a month for process through customs and building. The concept is design to assist first time home owners and also it will be arranged through pay roll deductions. Do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions regarding this. Email: in order for me to send you the costing/deduction schedule, frequently asked questions and the application form. Mathew R Werigi Customer Relations Coordinator CHANGING LIVES ONE HOUSE AT A TIME